Truax: Illinois Deserves Government that ‘Encourages Greatness, Not Stifles It’

Posted on July 12, 2013

Doug Truax

“I’m blessed to have a wonderful family, a thriving business with talented, dynamic employees, and plenty of good friends. Yet, I understand we live in a state and a country drifting away from us.

“Our leaders are piling a debt burden on our children that is immoral. They are using the Internal Revenue Service to bludgeon political opponents; and, generally have no clue about how to make our economy grow and our families prosper.

“From my West Point days, I learned that if something isn’t working, you change the strategy. Dick Durbin and his crew have been in charge in Illinois and the United States for years. Their policies are not working, yet they continue to pursuit them again and again as we sink deeper into economic stagnation.

“It’s time for a new direction in Illinois — a new generation of leaders who will reform our ridiculous tax code; who will stop spending money we don’t have; and, who stop pretending they are helping the poor and middle class when their policies are decimating them.

“Illinois is a great state with great people. It deserves a government that encourages that greatness, not stifles it.

“I can’t wait to work for you.”


3 thoughts on “Truax: Illinois Deserves Government that ‘Encourages Greatness, Not Stifles It’

  1. I hope you have Conservative values. We need to get this state on sound fiscal footing. Also, get rid of Agenda 21 in Illinois, starting with the windmills. Marriage between one man and one woman must be upheld. We also need concealed carry.

  2. WE must have a Reagan conservative in all points. Downstate Republicans and Democrats are tired of the Durbin smirk and lie approach. Dems are selling all three generations into foreign captivity. Special interest amoral groups are leading them by the nose. Its time to say stop!

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Doug Truax 2014 - US Senate - Return to Confidence

Doug Truax is a West Point graduate and six year veteran of the U.S. Army. He is co-owner and managing partner of a successful small business, a strategic risk consulting firm that empowers employers in controlling their healthcare costs, benefits, retirement plans and business risk. Doug understands that in order to get our country back on track it is going to take hard work and leaders who are not afraid to stand up for our values. Doug lives in Dupage County with his wife Nicole and their three teenage children. Learn More About Doug.

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